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Flower Essential Oils and their Uses

Since ancient times, flower essential oils have been used for different reasons. Different flowers will have different properties. There are others which have medicinal value hence they are used for treating certain types of ailments when used in diffusers. You can also use the flower essential oils to purify air in your home. The uses of the essential oils are many. It will be upon you to decide on the use. In some cases you may be required to mix different flower essential oils so that you will achieve certain desired effects. Some of the uses of essential oils range from aromatherapy, personal beauty care products, household cleaning products among other uses.

Flower essential oils and their uses

1. Natural mosquito repellent

If you live in areas where mosquitoes are in plenty, you can stop them from biting you through use of repellants made out of flower essential oils. Mosquitos are known to spread malaria; you will easily protect your loved ones through use of repellants made out of essential oils which are extracted from flowers. If you know the right flowers, you can as well make your own home made essential oil which will repel the mosquitoes.

2. Clean air

Essential oils made out of flowers smell good. They are also rich in antimicrobial properties. You will enjoy breathing fresh air if you will inhale fresh air through use of the diffuser in your home. There is a specific type of flower you love its smell, you will just buy essential oil made out of such a flower scent or make your own at home. The essential oils are very helpful in purifying air.

3. Kill pests

There are some pests which can be very stubborn. They will make your home a hard place to enjoy your life. You can go for flower essential oils which have been formulated to kill the pests. You will just spray them on the pests and you will easily kill them or they will go away and never come back. For the flower essential oils to kill the pests, you need to add other ingredients which will make them more effective.

4. Eliminate mold and pathogens in the air

If you live in a place where there are a lot of pathogens in the air, you can easily get rid of the pathogens after you decide to apply the essential oils. The oils are very helpful in getting rid of mold in a room. Even if there is a lot of mold, through regular use of the essential oils you will easily get rid of the mold.

5. Eliminate cigarette smoke

If you have a family member who is a smoker and you hate cigarette smoke, you can easily live happily with such a person after you buy flower essential oil diffuser. You will have the essential oil eliminating the bad smell from tobacco each time you will switch on the diffuser. You will have the scent of your favorite flower in the home. It is also very effective in getting rid of shoe odor from your home. If shoes are making you unhappy when at home, then you need to buy the essential oil diffusers.

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Using Flowers in Feng Shui

The universal language of flowers crosses any boundary’s meanings and interpretations. According to the Chinese, the concept of Feng Shui involves decorating your home with Chi (positive energy). The more positive energy you surround yourself with, the better your life will be and by using positive flower paintings, you can improve Chi’ around you so that it brings better health, more happiness, good fortunes and good luck to you.

The use of flowers in Feng Shui symbolizes the same universal feeling that flowers evoke in people; a feeling of delicate, alive sensuality, grace and beauty

According to Feng Shui, alive flowers are the best choice for homes as they are associated with strong healing energy but you can also use images of high quality flowers.

In addition to grace beauty and energy, flowers also bring numerous blessings and prosperous to a home. Attention is also paid to the numbers, colors and the symbolism of each flower.

Since different flowers produce different types of energy, the following is a description of the most popular flower symbols as used in Feng Shui.

· Peony

Peony is a beautiful flower with a sweet smell. In Feng Shui, it represents romance and love and it is believed that the display of a pair of in the bedroom or the love area can help fix or attract a relationship

· Orchid

Orchids are a symbol of spiritual growth, perfection and purity in life. You can place them in your home area where you want supporters, clients and mentors. Orchids also symbolizes fertility, therefore, you display them in the bedroom when trying to get pregnant.

· Narcissus.

This flower symbolizes the flowering of abilities and talents as well as success in your career. Display white narcissus in your office or any other working area to reap the best out of your hard work.

· Chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemums are a symbol of an easy and balanced life, they are appropriately placed in the center of your home. Due to their strong energy, chrysanthemum are also associated with good luck.

· Cherry, Dogwood, Peach Blossom.

These flowers are associated with new beginnings and freshness you can display them in the family area to assure the well being of the entire family.

· Lotus

Lotus symbolizes healing and perfection, therefore, it creates harmony in the household. You can either hang a picture of it or put live once in vase and display in the living area to assure positive communication, harmony and health in the family

· Hydrangea

Whether purple, white, pink or blue, hydrangea symbolizes enlightenment and gratitude and they make a great thank you gift. You can display them in their live form in the creativity area.

· Roses

The symbolism of roses vary depending on the color; yellow symbolizes friendship, red symbolizes love, pink roses symbolize admiration while white represents purity. You can display the red roses in the love area to help strengthen a relationship but be sure to remove the thorns.

You should surround yourself with only living flowers or the pictures of the flowers but you should never use dried flowers as according to Feng shui, they represent dead energy.

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Healing properties of flowers

Have you heard about flower essences? These flower essences are aromatic, subtle and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, stems, leaves, bark and root of herbs, bushes, shrubs, and trees through distillation. The extracts are a form of vibrational healing and are intended for healing, health, and enlightenment.

During the ancient times, ancient Egyptians, Chinese priests, and physicians were making use of essential oils for healing. These healing flower essences are considered to be the oldest form of medicine and cosmetic known to man and were considered more valuable than gold.

It is since the ancient Lemurian times that flower essence therapy is used in various forms. And it was during the last century that its modern application was inaugurated by MD homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach.

People all over the world have been taking advantage of these flower essence therapies to heal the body and mind on physical, emotional, mental and soul body levels with the use of the healing energies of the flowers.

Flower essences are known as vibrational remedies that assist us in attaining optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It gives our body and mind with good vibrations that enhance our capability to love, to trust, to forgive, to be loving, to have knowledge and patience for other people and ourselves. By improving these characteristics in us, we can also increase the body and the mind’s healing capability and move ahead in life.

These healing flower essences are certainly efficient in conditioning our soul. The healing properties of these essences are light and gentle however have a solid healing energy. They are nature’s gift to us to assist lift up our awareness. Benefiting from healing flower essence therapy can allow us to live our lives with more enlightened consciousness, and with an increased sense of joy, peace and well-being.

In these modern times where people are busy and are prone to stress, flower essences are the perfect remedy for current human problems and concerns. They are safe to use and do not have harmful side effects. You can use it every day with other medications. They are also safe for babies, children, and animals. Taking it daily will help you have a positive mind and good health.

There are several flower remedies used to treat the underlying emotional causes of diseases such as depression, fear or oversensitivity. Poor health, physical ailments, and disease are believed to be the results of an internal imbalance. When individuals lose their awareness, are disassociated from others, or disconnected from their life purpose; the flower therapy is believed to promote a certain balance that allows the human spirit to regenerate. It is said that the living forces of nature collected from the blooms of flowering plants restores our physical, astral and spiritual bodies.

We can not properly function when we are diseased in the mind, spirit or body. The disease is believed to obstruct positive, healing forces that keep us in balance. Therefore, when sickness comes about, the use of flower essences must be used on all four levels to heal and bring about inner peace. Every flower is said to have a cure for a particular condition. And this therapy treats the deeper cause not just the outward symptoms. It is considered to be a deepening process that one must be open to delving into the inner workings of the mind and spirit.

Flower remedies and therapy is nothing new. It has been practiced for centuries and used in many religious practices and ceremonies. It is widely believed in our modern times, that these powerful solutions deepen our sense of self and our purpose in life. It is said to awaken our spirits, making us more in touch with life and the healing energies that surround us. Flowers and their healing power open our minds to a higher state of conscientiousness that allows the free flow of positive energy. This positive energy serves to renew our bodies and minds that provide a sort of barrier from negative energy forces that only serve to drain our healing abilities. Our energy connects with nature’s energy creating a connection that maintains healthy living on all four levels.

There is negative and positive energy. Flower solutions possess a positive energy that is believed to elevate or mind and spirit thus providing to be very useful for those suffering depression and anxiety disorders. For those that do not believe in the healing power of flowers, are said to be still able to benefit from their curative properties. Flower essences heal in many ways. They help to give clarity, focus and determination to pursue their individual life purpose.

There are many documented remedies using flower solutions. Remedies have been used to treat, fear, despondency, oversensitivity and despair to name just a few. Specific flowers are said to cure specific emotion or physical conditions. For instance, Crab Apple is said to be a cleansing remedy that can be used to absolve self-hatred. And pine can be used to alleviate guilt. Whatever the condition or ailment, flower therapy is widely believed and trusted to lift self-esteem, intuition and a deeper sense of self. Therefore, these flower treatments bring about a happier overall healthier individual.

There are many alternative, holistic treatments out there that are said to bring about inner peace and internal healing. Flower essence therapy is considered a peaceful, gentle therapy that heals at a deeply spiritual level. Working on your emotions and mental state, it can bring healing to all levels, just as homeopathy or meditation. Ultimate healing occurs when we are at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

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Flower Traditions and their Origin


People started using flowers in funerals and weddings under different circumstances. For example, in funerals flowers were first used to put off the bad odor which was developed after the body stays for some time before it can be buried. In weddings the flowers were used as a sign of preventing evil spirits from affecting the life of the bride. With time the flowers have evolved to be used in the wedding and burials to signify different things. For example, flowers are nowadays used to show sympathy and respect for the dead. In weddings they are used as a show of love to those who are wedding.


Why do we use flowers in weddings and funerals — tradition origin

Use of flowers in weddings

To show love

Flowers are a symbol of love. People use them in the wedding ceremonies to show their love for those who will be wedding. There are different types of flowers which can be used to evoke different meanings. The florist will tie the flowers in different designs to signify different means. If you are planning a wedding, you will have to hire a florist who will arrange for you the flowers in specific styles so that you will achieve the desired meaning.


Wish others good luck

In ancient times when a bride gets married other girls who have not been married will tear the dress of the bride as a way of looking for good luck so that they will be married next. In today’s world the bride will throw a bouquet of flowers to other girls in the crowd who have not been married. The lucky girl who will catch the bouquet will be considered the next lucky girl to get married.


Use of flowers in funerals

Expression of sympathy

It is difficult to express sympathy in words in the funeral. As a way of expressing sympathy, people will buy funeral flowers and take them to the bereaved family. The flowers can be tied into different shapes to signify sympathy.


Sharing the burden of grief

The burden of grief is too big to be carried by a single individual. It has become a norm for people to carry flowers to the family of the bereaved. They are accepted as show of support to the bereaved family. People can buy flowers and send to the family or they can buy them and go with them during the burial day.


Love for the dead

The dead had a lot of friends and family members, but it happens that one has to die due to different reasons. As a way of showing love to the dead, people will buy a lot of flowers and bring to the funeral procession or to the family of the bereaved at different times. The flowers can be bought by family members as well as friends.


Respect for the dead

People will like to show their respect to one of them even in dead. As a way of showing respect for the departed soul, they will buy flowers and bring with them to the bereaved family. You will see a lot of people carrying the flowers in funeral processions or placing them by the graveside.


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Flowers That Can Be Used Medicinally

In the ancient times, plants were the actual source of medicines. Different parts of plants such as roots, leaves and flowers were used to cure the wounds and diseases of people. Even nowadays, some certain flowers are used to treat people. These flowers have medicinal values and can be used medicinally. The best thing about the medicinal flowers is that they have natural medicinal properties which do not have any kind of harmful side effects like modern pills. They are also cheaper than the drugs that are marketed by various pharmaceutical companies. So, here are some flowers that can be used medicinally –


Begonia: This is a beautiful flower with many uses. This flower can be soaked in the hot water to eliminate the headaches. It also helps in getting rid of toxins present in the body. You can crush the flowers and rub it on the skin too. It will help you to get relieved from the pain, burns as well sores. It has a great healing property.


Blood Root: This flower is taken in small amount but is very much effective for treating any respiratory diseases and problems. So, in case of any issues and problems related to your lungs it can be used. It is made into a paste by mixing other natural compounds. Thus, it can be applied on the rashes and warts too to treat them. It can be even used as tea to cleanse the blood or to cure fever.


California Poppy: With the help of California Poppies one can treat their insomnia which is a very common problem for many. It even helps reduce anxiety and bladder problems in both adults and children. Thus, this is the perfect flower that can be used to treat fatigue and depression.


Dandelion: The beautiful and popular dandelion flower is known to many for its beauty. But hardly anyone knows about all the great healing properties inside it. This flower is used to clean blood as well as it helps to reduce anemia in people. It is used for several decades now by the native American culture as a tonic for wellbeing of the people.


Jasmine: The exotic sweet scented flower, jasmine, can be used for curing many problems. People may have it as tea also to aid digestive problems, ulcers etc. It makes a really delicious cup of tea. You can sip this just before going to bed as it can cure anxiety and insomnia.


Lotus: This flower is used in both Western and Eastern cultures to cure a lot of problems. It is very much effective in curing fever, cholera, diarrhea as well as bronchitis. A syrup that is made from lotus can provide a lot of relief from bad cough and cold.


Sunflower: This is another flower that has a lot of health benefits. It can be used for its medicinal values to treat problems like menstrual cramps and ulcers. It can also help you to get rid of sore throats if you can do gargle with this.


Thus, these are some of the best flowers with great medicinal values and can be used medicinally to cure and treat certain problems.


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