The universal language of flowers crosses any boundary’s meanings and interpretations. According to the Chinese, the concept of Feng Shui involves decorating your home with Chi (positive energy). The more positive energy you surround yourself with, the better your life will be and by using positive flower paintings, you can improve Chi’ around you so that it brings better health, more happiness, good fortunes and good luck to you.

The use of flowers in Feng Shui symbolizes the same universal feeling that flowers evoke in people; a feeling of delicate, alive sensuality, grace and beauty

According to Feng Shui, alive flowers are the best choice for homes as they are associated with strong healing energy but you can also use images of high quality flowers.

In addition to grace beauty and energy, flowers also bring numerous blessings and prosperous to a home. Attention is also paid to the numbers, colors and the symbolism of each flower.

Since different flowers produce different types of energy, the following is a description of the most popular flower symbols as used in Feng Shui.

· Peony

Peony is a beautiful flower with a sweet smell. In Feng Shui, it represents romance and love and it is believed that the display of a pair of in the bedroom or the love area can help fix or attract a relationship

· Orchid

Orchids are a symbol of spiritual growth, perfection and purity in life. You can place them in your home area where you want supporters, clients and mentors. Orchids also symbolizes fertility, therefore, you display them in the bedroom when trying to get pregnant.

· Narcissus.

This flower symbolizes the flowering of abilities and talents as well as success in your career. Display white narcissus in your office or any other working area to reap the best out of your hard work.

· Chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemums are a symbol of an easy and balanced life, they are appropriately placed in the center of your home. Due to their strong energy, chrysanthemum are also associated with good luck.

· Cherry, Dogwood, Peach Blossom.

These flowers are associated with new beginnings and freshness you can display them in the family area to assure the well being of the entire family.

· Lotus

Lotus symbolizes healing and perfection, therefore, it creates harmony in the household. You can either hang a picture of it or put live once in vase and display in the living area to assure positive communication, harmony and health in the family

· Hydrangea

Whether purple, white, pink or blue, hydrangea symbolizes enlightenment and gratitude and they make a great thank you gift. You can display them in their live form in the creativity area.

· Roses

The symbolism of roses vary depending on the color; yellow symbolizes friendship, red symbolizes love, pink roses symbolize admiration while white represents purity. You can display the red roses in the love area to help strengthen a relationship but be sure to remove the thorns.

You should surround yourself with only living flowers or the pictures of the flowers but you should never use dried flowers as according to Feng shui, they represent dead energy.

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