In the ancient times, plants were the actual source of medicines. Different parts of plants such as roots, leaves and flowers were used to cure the wounds and diseases of people. Even nowadays, some certain flowers are used to treat people. These flowers have medicinal values and can be used medicinally. The best thing about the medicinal flowers is that they have natural medicinal properties which do not have any kind of harmful side effects like modern pills. They are also cheaper than the drugs that are marketed by various pharmaceutical companies. So, here are some flowers that can be used medicinally –


Begonia: This is a beautiful flower with many uses. This flower can be soaked in the hot water to eliminate the headaches. It also helps in getting rid of toxins present in the body. You can crush the flowers and rub it on the skin too. It will help you to get relieved from the pain, burns as well sores. It has a great healing property.


Blood Root: This flower is taken in small amount but is very much effective for treating any respiratory diseases and problems. So, in case of any issues and problems related to your lungs it can be used. It is made into a paste by mixing other natural compounds. Thus, it can be applied on the rashes and warts too to treat them. It can be even used as tea to cleanse the blood or to cure fever.


California Poppy: With the help of California Poppies one can treat their insomnia which is a very common problem for many. It even helps reduce anxiety and bladder problems in both adults and children. Thus, this is the perfect flower that can be used to treat fatigue and depression.


Dandelion: The beautiful and popular dandelion flower is known to many for its beauty. But hardly anyone knows about all the great healing properties inside it. This flower is used to clean blood as well as it helps to reduce anemia in people. It is used for several decades now by the native American culture as a tonic for wellbeing of the people.


Jasmine: The exotic sweet scented flower, jasmine, can be used for curing many problems. People may have it as tea also to aid digestive problems, ulcers etc. It makes a really delicious cup of tea. You can sip this just before going to bed as it can cure anxiety and insomnia.


Lotus: This flower is used in both Western and Eastern cultures to cure a lot of problems. It is very much effective in curing fever, cholera, diarrhea as well as bronchitis. A syrup that is made from lotus can provide a lot of relief from bad cough and cold.


Sunflower: This is another flower that has a lot of health benefits. It can be used for its medicinal values to treat problems like menstrual cramps and ulcers. It can also help you to get rid of sore throats if you can do gargle with this.


Thus, these are some of the best flowers with great medicinal values and can be used medicinally to cure and treat certain problems.


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