People started using flowers in funerals and weddings under different circumstances. For example, in funerals flowers were first used to put off the bad odor which was developed after the body stays for some time before it can be buried. In weddings the flowers were used as a sign of preventing evil spirits from affecting the life of the bride. With time the flowers have evolved to be used in the wedding and burials to signify different things. For example, flowers are nowadays used to show sympathy and respect for the dead. In weddings they are used as a show of love to those who are wedding.


Why do we use flowers in weddings and funerals — tradition origin

Use of flowers in weddings

To show love

Flowers are a symbol of love. People use them in the wedding ceremonies to show their love for those who will be wedding. There are different types of flowers which can be used to evoke different meanings. The florist will tie the flowers in different designs to signify different means. If you are planning a wedding, you will have to hire a florist who will arrange for you the flowers in specific styles so that you will achieve the desired meaning.


Wish others good luck

In ancient times when a bride gets married other girls who have not been married will tear the dress of the bride as a way of looking for good luck so that they will be married next. In today’s world the bride will throw a bouquet of flowers to other girls in the crowd who have not been married. The lucky girl who will catch the bouquet will be considered the next lucky girl to get married.


Use of flowers in funerals

Expression of sympathy

It is difficult to express sympathy in words in the funeral. As a way of expressing sympathy, people will buy funeral flowers and take them to the bereaved family. The flowers can be tied into different shapes to signify sympathy.


Sharing the burden of grief

The burden of grief is too big to be carried by a single individual. It has become a norm for people to carry flowers to the family of the bereaved. They are accepted as show of support to the bereaved family. People can buy flowers and send to the family or they can buy them and go with them during the burial day.


Love for the dead

The dead had a lot of friends and family members, but it happens that one has to die due to different reasons. As a way of showing love to the dead, people will buy a lot of flowers and bring to the funeral procession or to the family of the bereaved at different times. The flowers can be bought by family members as well as friends.


Respect for the dead

People will like to show their respect to one of them even in dead. As a way of showing respect for the departed soul, they will buy flowers and bring with them to the bereaved family. You will see a lot of people carrying the flowers in funeral processions or placing them by the graveside.


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